We believe in seven core values. They’re things we can act on, and they shape how we work with each other and the world.



Embrace questions.

When we relish what we
don’t know, we find our
way to deeper answers.


Take play seriously.

When we respect joy and
exploration, we strengthen
our creative muscles.


Find your voice —
and use it.

When we’re brave enough to
speak up and be heard,
extraordinary things happen.


Slow down to speed up.

When we take time to reflect,
we reach our goals faster —
and more successfully.


Amplify others.

When we take pride in
enabling and celebrating
each other’s contributions,
we all benefit.


Bring your generosity.

When we’re fully
ourselves, we go out
of our way to act in
service of others.


Trust bravely.

When we take the
leap toward trust,
fear starts to disappear.